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Sound Delivery Systems

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Hearing Aids, Hearing Instruments Technologies

Digital Hearing Aids Technologies - Sound Delivery Systems

  • Canal Receiver Technology (CRT)
    • microBTE with CRT with custom shell  microBTE with CRT with custom shell  or instant fit  microBTE with CRT with custom shell
    • smallest, most discreet POWER device
      • Up to profound hearing loss
    • Virtually invisible
      • Canal Receiver Technology  Color Choices
      • Naturally increased gain and output
      • Smooth frequency response
      • Broadband frequency response
      • Feedback virtually eliminated
      • Reduced occlusion
  • Slim & micro tubes
    • Alternative to traditional BTE fittings with custom ear moulds
    • Instant fitting without waiting time
    • No occlusion effect
      • Micro tube leaves ear canal open
      • High sound quality through open ear canal
    • Good to use with mild to moderate hearing losses
      • First time users, unhappy CIC users
      • For persons who has difficulties hearing in noise
Hearing Aids, Hearing Instruments Technologies
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